Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pizza for tea!

Is it possible that making pizza for tea could be the one thing that keeps me sane? Not just because I like cheese and tomato but because it is so comforting that I can literally bury my head in it - so deep that I have mozzarella coming out of my nose - or rather going up my nose and coming out of my eyes.

Like cheese tears. Except not so stringy, the addition of the dried chilli flakes makes the nasal experience a bit less enjoyable - but the tears become all the more real.

New Start

After some time away - let me start tippy-tapping on my keypad as the thoughts generally dribble out of my head, past my shoulders, through my aching elbows, sore wrists and down to my fingers.

The kids are in bed, Jeremy Vine is keeping me company and as I wait for the kettle to boil then what more can I do?

Enough for now .....